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Central to Care City is our commitment to the local community. Our local population will drive our programmes of work and align our partners. Their needs and preferences will determine the priorities.

Examples of our current work programme include:

Recruiting co-researchers: We want to ensure our work is grounded in the voice and needs of our local community. There will always be a gap between what an individual or group of people are sharing and how a researcher understands it. This disparity can be attributed to a culture, generation and/or knowledge gap. These gaps make it difficult for a researcher to put things in the right perspective. By becoming co-researchers, community participants can find more and new insights that would otherwise not have been captured.

Small solutions: A programme developed in partnership with Community Catalyst. We are working with community entrepreneurs to develop sustainable business models that provide alternative provision that people can access through personal budgets, and in turn providing employment opportunities and community benefit locally.

Healthy New Towns: Supporting Barking Riverside (10,800 new homes) to realise social, economic and health dividends for our community, delivering an urban environment that promotes both healthy living and is age friendly