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Care City is hosted by its founding partners, NELFT and the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, and in the longer term will become a joint venture.

The work of Care City is overseen by an executive group, chaired by NELFT chief executive John Brouder and LBBD Corporate Director of Adult and Community Services, Anne Bristow.

In addition, the Care City Steering Group, made up of UK and global leaders from industry, technology, research, health and social care has been established to advise the executive group.

Care City Executive Group

  • Anne Bristow (LBBD)
  • John Brouder (NELFT)
  • Andrew Sivess (LBBD)
  • Helen Oliver (NELFT)
  • Jenny Shand (UCLP/NELFT)
  • David Harley (LBBD)
  • Dr Phil Koczan (NELFT/UCLP)
  • Professor Peter Fonagy (UCLP/NELFT)
  • Kerry Sheehan (NELFT)
  • Kirsty Boettcher (BHR CCG)
  • Michael Wood (NHS European Office)
  • Graham Thomas (NELFT)
  • Malcolm Young (NELFT)
  • Tudur Williams (LBBD)
  • Administrative Support; Lindsey Worpole (NELFT)

Care City Steering Group

The Care City Steering Group has been established to provide expert advice for those responsible for the development and delivery of the Care City Programme. The Steering Group is not a decision-making body but it makes formal recommendations via the Care City Executive Group.